Absolicon's logotype.
Absolicon has a unique technology for extracting energy using concentrated solar collectors.
Againity's logotype
Againity turns waste into electric power.
ClimaCheck's logotype.
ClimaCheck has a unique method for analysis of cooling and heating processes, optimising heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
Comsys logotype.
Comsys is focused on everything around power quality and efficient power supply, AC as well as DC.
dLaboratory's logotype.
dLaboratory uses advanced data analysis to support robust and reliable smart grids.
Gevea's logotype.
Gevea manufactures and markets electrical power products for medium voltage distribution
Grundels' logotype.
Grundels offer a unique thermal insulation retrofit solution improving the insulation of a building envelope, reducing energy and improving indoor comfort.
Prime Design's logotype.
Prime Design supply portable equipment like the LED light tower “Baselight”, the disaster warning system “BaseSiren” and the solar generator “BaseSolar”.
SurfCleaner's logotype.
SurfCleaner offers an automated, efficient solution to the global water surface pollution problem.

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