Absolicon's logotype.
Absolicon has a unique technology for extracting energy using concentrated solar collectors.
Againity's logotype
Againity turns waste into electric power.
Alvenius are experts in piping solutions.
Azelio has a renewable energy storage technology with around-the-clock clean power supply.
Baseload Capital is a specialized investment entity focusing on heat power.
Gevea's logotype.
Gevea manufactures and markets electrical power products for medium voltage distribution
Hexicon develops floating multi-turbine platforms for offshore wind energy.
Our Ecolution makes board of straw for eco-friendly building constructions.
Prime Design's logotype.
Prime Design supply portable equipment like the LED light tower “Baselight”, the disaster warning system “BaseSiren” and the solar generator “BaseSolar”.
SurfCleaner's logotype.
SurfCleaner offers an automated, efficient solution to the global water surface pollution problem.
The WaveEL 3.0 buoy converts the energy of the waves into electric power.

Alumni companies